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Fairmont Creek Vacation Rentals

Columbia Valley, B.C., Canada

Episode 12


Fairmont Creek Vacation Rentals are townhomes in Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia. This is Weekend Getaway's pick for relaxation. Unbelievably scenic Fairmont Hot Springs is the perfect backdrop for a relaxing getaway. Fairmont Creek Vacation Rentals were the epitome of the “don’t just visit somewhere, live there” travel style. As a northwest group of people these townhomes matched the feel of our own homes and lifestyle. We truly felt like we were home just in a different location. They had a modern feel with stainless steel appliances and great hardwood floors. It was fantastic to have a whole house making it a great option for families traveling. Something that really sticks out about this stay was how comfortable the beds are. I still remember sleeping so well on my trip here. It’s located right next to the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. Spend your days relaxing at this beautiful mountain location in the natural hot springs. If you are looking for some R & R this is the trip for you. Enjoy the quiet home away from home of Fairmont Creek Vacation Rentals in the Columbia River Valley of British Columbia.

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Fairmont Creek Vacaation Rentals

Columbia Valley, B.C., Canada

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